How to be a dating coach

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A professional dating coach has assisted hundreds of women in defining what they want in a relationship and then finding it.A coach can provide outside perspective (so hard when you’re wrapped up in your own situation) and give you advice that you would never have given yourself.A dating coach’s free content should be so good that you’re to pay to get even more advice.

And then when it comes to dating coaches, there are local ones you can meet in person.I stopped doing one-on-one coaching recently because my time was limited, and I’m thrilled that I can help so many more women through Sexy Confidence.Rather than charge -15K per client, I package everything into smaller courses that are more structured and that my clients can access on their own time schedule.If you’re studious and like the idea of DYIing your approach to finding love, look for a program that targets your specific goals.If you’re trying to flirt, meet men, or find love, there’s a program for that.

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