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From our perspective at The Daily it has earned another unique claim as well.

Since September 2016, more POF users have contacted us about the same “underage girl” (or boy) sext scam than all other scams we hear about.

These numbers have stayed lower for nearly four months.Though illegal, we have heard that smartphones are sometimes tossed over fences, smuggled in by family, and even sold to inmates by complicit guards!From the information victims of this scam have given us, here are the minimum amounts of money victims have paid these criminals between November, 2017 and November, 2018: November, 2017: 40 December, 2017: 90 January, 2018: 50 February, 2018 ,970 March, 2018: ,300 April, 2018: 00 May, 2018: 14 June, 2018: 84 July, 2018: 03 August, 2018: 00 September, 2018: 90 October, 2018: 30 November, 2018: 50 Listen to two more voice recordings from these criminals that were sent to us by victims in January and February, 2019. The second caller pretended to be a Sheriff from the Spartanburg County, S. He asks the target to call him back at 864-501-5174.So this is the ultimate beautiful babe stop for you.Just visit our site daily and you will have the best nude girl's selection on one place!

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