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Clearly, she's prefers to live life like an open book.Alexis also used the show as an opportunity to voice her opinions on pretty much everything, from well-known celebrities to places to eat and her favorite music.She added, "Martha's scary," and she explained that she always behaved well because she was constantly afraid of getting scolded.'s source said that "if anyone says a bad word about Martha, even if she's in a period of not loving her, Alexis is like a mama cat with her baby," noting, "She's deeply protective of her mother's legacy." profile on Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis and Andy hadn't spoken in over 20 years — not since 1988.

She is a former television host of the show Surprisingly, Alexis has made quite the career out of making fun of her famous mother — both her television show and her radio show relied pretty heavily on Alexis and her co-host poking fun at most of the things Martha has done in her professional and private life.She was the co-host of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on Sirius Satellite Radio, and Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on the Hallmark Channel alongside co-host Jennifer Hutt.Alexis Gilbert “Lexie” Stewart is an American television host and radio personality. She described the many medications she took every month and talked about how often she had to see doctors to get ultrasounds done.She also said she had three egg implantations, but none of them worked.

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