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Again if the numbers hold true white women very rarely date out with anything but latinos in every region of America. White women just dint mix like that with any other people in USA. Nearly all intermixing in Illinois is between the pairing. So honestly your overly euphoric view of interacial dating as it concerns Latinos isn't saying much. Its not the whiter latinos white chicks like its the darker ones. They stats wise blow out every group by far even whites if you get into proportions. Yet latinos make up nearly 70 percent of all mixers yearly.

I wonder if I went to the Southwest would I have an easier time with White women?

The thin women are overrated anyway -- pretty much all they have going for them is their physical attractiveness and sex appeal.

It's nice how that makes a man feel such ecstasy in bed and gives him an enormous boost in self-confidence because all the other men are jealous, but in the end you're hungry and she won't fix you dinner. So take heart -- there are plenty of opportunities to make it with white chicks here so long as you set your sights on the largest target.

Accusations of ‘dirtying the race.’ If you’re a light-skinned Latina who fell in love with a dark-skinned man, your family may just reprimand you for ‘dirtying the race.’ I’ve heard this all of my life: how that kids will have nappy hair because she married an African-American man; how her man is so dark her kids will be blue-black — in other words, ugly; how they’ll forget the Spanish language all together.

Unfortunately, this mentality is prominent in our communities, especially among traditional Latinos.

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