Single parent dating princeville hawaii

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Stacy Sproat-Beck was raised in a community on Kauai, where everybody knew each other. And you know, you grew up in the 70s, and that was the second decade of Hawaii as a state.

She grew up working alongside her extended family, fishing, farming, and raising cattle. Stacy Melela‘i o kalani Sproat-Beck is the executive director of the Waipa Foundation, a Native Hawaiian cultural learning center on the north shore of Kauai. Your background seems like it came from an earlier era, but you know, this was the 70s.

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So as an adult, Stacy Sproat-Beck decided that her place in life would be caring for the land and the values that she had grown up with.

Stacy Sproat-Beck Audio Download the Transcript Transcript One of the values and one the stories that I grew up with was, you know, if you think things are hard right now, you know, try losing everything that you’ve had twice in tsunamis.

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