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I specially chose just the "online" profiles so I knew they were active.Otherwise counting inactive profiles would be useless.t mean mid-management maven Alison Tyler has to put up with his incompetence.s going to have to earn his position, and that means making sure Alison's hungry horny pussy is wet and cumming all day lon...Heck, leaving you is Show me one man who says he doesn’t want a woman who is 100% loyal, who supports him AND who doesn’t even think about leaving him and I look into the face of a liar.One of the things that our members find surprising, is that they went in search of love, but found dozens of genuine lasting friendships as well.Also, using more age ranges and smaller radius might help.https://public.tableau.com/views/Match_com Bay Area Dating/Dashboard1? :embed=y&:display_count=yes&publish=yes Didnt look at the graph but traditionally there are usually more men.

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I did this a few years ago on OKC and found a ratio of something like 1.5 to 2.0 times as many men as women in my age bracket. I think cities are helpful if you are considering moving to/from.

Looks like some kind of key in the bottom right....

Yellow to orange, yellow end says 1.00 and other end says 2.800.... 2.8000 The yellow/orange bar is rather obviously gender ratios (it's labelled) and this kind of thing is often used in national temperature maps.

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