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The other is focused on the chiefs dikgosi ; singular, kgosi , subchiefs, and headmen; and the distinctive center of Tswana village life, the The interior of a hut along the Okavango Delta.

Fifty percent of Tswana households are headed by women.

These groups included Sarwa Bushmen , Kgalagadi, and Yei in particular.

These categories have, in contemporary Botswana, no legal standing, yet lingering prejudices and resentments of historical inequities continue to inform current social relations. Late twentieth-century Botswana has developed one of the most skewed income distributions in the world.

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There is a developing bourgeoisie that has the ability to distinguish and reproduce itself through access to English-medium education, networks, and material lifestyle including cars and electricity.

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Indeed, in many dikgotla, ethnic minority groups were not allowed to speak, or their voices were significantly discounted.

Furthermore, the emphasis on consensus at the end of debates meant that open disagreement was not tolerated—the illusion of homogeneity and consensus being created only through the silencing of difference and the exclusion of many possible voices.

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In the western and northern parts of the country, certain groups of people were essentially serfs, with few or no political rights, whose labor was compelled by citizens of the Tswana polities.

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