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The three cebuan endemics (Cebu Boobook, Black Shama, and the nearly extinct Cebu Flowerpecker) plus a few near-endemics can be found at Tabunan, while Rajah Sikatuna holds Bohol’s sole endemic (Bohol Sunbird) plus a number of species otherwise restricted to the Visayas or Mindanao.

Although this cost more than I had originally anticipated spending, I was very glad in the end that I had taken this easy route, and saw far more than I would have had I attempted to visit either site on my own.We then proceeded to the Magsaysay area of the park, and, finding little activity around the clearing, walked one of the loop trails through the forest.Although not quite as treacherous underfoot as Tabunan, the forest here is nonetheless hard birding as the canopy is high and dense and birds are almost always badly backlit, making it difficult to discern much other than silhouettes.Comments Plans to attend an international conference being held in Cebu City in June 2018 offered me the opportunity to do some birding in the Visayas, the central group of islands in the Philippines.Each of the medium-sized islands in this region hosts one or more endemic species, and some of the more widespread Philippine species can be found more easily here than on the three main islands (Luzon, Mindanao and Palawan) that are the focus of most birding tours.

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