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After the first division, this zona pellucida is removed by an enzyme and the two cells separate to become two individual cells.

Within the petri dish, an artificial zona pellucida is added to the individual eggs and they continue development separately.

One can replicate specific sequences of the DNA by utilizing specific primers in the replication process.

Gel Electrophoresis Gel electrophoresis is a method of separating the strands of DNA based on their charge and size.

The nucleus was removed from each egg, which were then fused with the donor cells using electricity.

The sequencing of the entire human genome will make it easier to study how genes control human development.First, the actual egg cell of an animal is removed to be fertilized in a petri dish.In the dish, the zona pellucida is a chemical coating that promotes cell division.The mother gave birth to a sheep genetically identical to that of the donor cell organism.Cloning by embryo splitting is an earlier method with differences in the method by which a clone is achieved.

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