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As the young black couples swirl in their black tuxes and white gowns, Kenya realizes what she needs and retrieves her own splash of white to the party outfitted in a too-small borrowed suit in the color Kenya once abhorred - red."Something New" is presented with some style and imagination, but at its core it's the same old story.And, I think it hits the target if the positive buzz from the screening audience – “I’d see it again! ” were a couple of quotes I heard – is any indication.Sanaa Lathan, who made a solid debut with “Love and Basketball,” gives nice character to Kenya (fortunately, the seemingly pretentious name has a reasonable explanation).There's the Greek chorus of three girlfriends, Cheryl (Wendy Raquel Robinson, "Rebound"), a lawyer who takes a chance with a chef (Mike Epps' Walter), Suzette (Golden Brooks, "Beauty Shop"), the beauty and dieting guru and Nedra (Taraji P. There's also the too perfect man in Brian whose only fault appears to be for having fallen for nothing but a pretty, albeit black, face.

The cast, even though given little more than cardboard cutout characters to play, is made up by seasoned veterans.

This causes the breakup necessary to all flicks of this genre so that Kenya will learn that Brian feeds her soul and Mark doesn't.

The filmmakers do have the sense not to make Brian's entrance into Kenya's circle too black and white - Brian is accepted by some (Cheryl, Kenya's dad) and viewed with suspicion by others (Kenya's snobby mother Joyce (Alfre Woodard, the newest Desperate Housewife), her brother, friend's boyfriend Tony).

Brian tells Kenya 'I take hard earth and make things bloom,' and obviously he's determined to do the same with her, but once Kenya 'lets go with the flow' the relationship travels a rocky road within Kenya's circle of friends and family. There's the successful professional who has to learn that work isn't everything versus the dreamer who's followed a happier path.

There's the interfering family who present the 'perfect match,' in this case Blair Underwood's Mark, to prevent true love.

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