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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different avenues for challenging competitors’ advertising?

Hong Kong has a Consumer Council established under the Consumer Control Ordinance.

These days the meaning of the term can arguably be extended to biometric recording and transmission by communication of the photographic image of the data subject and possibly to other biometric records such as the transmitted shape of the data subjects walking profile.

The PDPO requires a set of six data protection principles regulating the collection and use of personal data to be observed by the data user in regard to acceptance and execution of an invitation to participate for which a response requires submission of personal data by the participant with the result that the personal data is collected by the data user.

Must certain advertising receive clearance before publication or broadcast?

Consistent with question 6, there is no regulatory authority with which potential advertisements can be discussed or cleared by advertisers.

Under the Telecommunications Ordinance, the Radio Code of Practice on Advertising Standards (the Radio Advertising Code) must be complied with, for radio broadcasting, by licensees of any sound broadcasting service licensed under the Telecommunication Ordinance.How is the issue of concurrent jurisdiction among regulators with responsibility for advertising handled?Control guidance for broadcast advertising to be observed by broadcasting service licensees is set by the Communications Authority established under the Broadcasting Ordinance.The Privacy Commissioner has successfully categorised ‘blind’ recruitment advertisements inserted by advertising recruitment agents as being in breach of Data Protection Principle 1 by not expressing the name of the employer data user for whose benefit the advertisement is inserted.Which bodies are primarily responsible for issuing advertising regulations and enforcing rules on advertising?

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