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This can be a big bummer for those who aren’t sure if they’re ready for the commitment, but with a variety of price points, based on interactions and use, you might find something that’s reasonable with your budget. Curiosity gets the best of the cat—and of your libdio—when you’re considering joining XMatch.As with any adult-focused websites, there are major benefits to being a member, as well as some downfalls.It may have good features and looks really nice but I don’t think I ever messaged someone that was real.Everyone was just asking for money and I had already paid XMatch for a subscription.This is a unique part of XMatch, as compared to their competitors or sister sites, and something that makes the experience all-encompassing.For those who are willing to take it a step further, you can pay for the ‘Connexion’ feature that requires you to purchase a sex toy, download a Flash player and then connect the toy to your computer.When we joined, we found the navigation of the site confusing, making us wary to give our credit card without understanding exactly what we were receiving in return.Not everyone has an unlimited budget for digital romps, and XMatch doesn’t provide too compelling of a reason to fork over the change.

While XMatch isn’t new—it’s been around since 1996—this Australian company is one of the few that’s primarily video based.

You can think choose a model, and she will sync—in motion—with you, so you feel her movement and she feels yours.

It’s sort of like having sex—and will definitely get your rocks off. Though there are hundreds under the umbrella of fetishes, XMatch recognizes that not everyone falls under the one-fantasy-fits all category, and allows users to search and match with others who share their interests.

Too much in my opinion.”“We spent a lot of time on x Match.com, and sent out 480 emails during the time we spent there. Given how many reviews and x Match comparisons we’d read before trying it out, that was a pretty big disappointment.”“I used the site for an entire month.

I set up a kickass dating profile, sent out countless messages to almost every one of the women close by. Neither of which was actually interested in meeting up with anyone (really don’t see why they even bother signing up if this is the case).

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