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There were no women involved in the process of making it.

Filmmakers expect girls currently in their teens to follow in their older sisters’ footsteps.“I like to have a relationship established before the sex,” she tells me.“Unlike a lot of hardcore where they met five minutes ago”. “When I was a teenager no woman even admitted to masturbating,” she marvels. “I’m looking for a woman enjoying herself,” she says.She will often sacrifice what she calls “gynaecological” shots to capture a more authentic sex scene – the opposite of most filmmakers, who insist on unlikely positions in order to get the performers “opening up to camera”. It showed that while men stare far more at the faces and bodies of females when looking at erotic imagery, women gaze equally at the two genders, at the faces of the men and the bodies of the women.The authors, the University of Nevada’s Marta Meana and Amy Lykins, conjectured that women identify with the female and are aroused by the man’s desire for her, which they look for in his facial expressions more than his body.

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