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Make travel plans early as hotels sell out fast during ..more : 2019-09-06 to 2019-09-15Large LGBT Pride celebrations in the heart of the Mediterranean.This annual gay festival on Malta island features street parties, LGBT floats, parade, concerts, events and fun-filled activities.

If you're in town during Pride you're guaranteed to have a ball.

The 10-day Winter Pride 2019 in Queenstown will feature dance parties, quiz nights, karaoke, cabaret, comedy, shows and more. Book your hotel early for the best deals - check our list of ..more : 2019-08-23 to 2019-09-01Across August 23rd and September 1st, over 100 performers will grace the various stages of Calgary Pride.

Spread across Memorial Park, Palm Bay Lounge and Princes Park, this can't be missed! : 2019-09-07Come and celebrate the B of the LGBT at Bi Pride UK 2019.

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