Romantic at heart dating

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(not talking about sex- )The more subtle forms...... sunny Hey friend girl I feel u or I agree with what u r saying.

Why has romance and the thrill court-ship taken a back seat to "what is it going to take for me to get u into bed" mentality?

Smooth out all the edges so that it still looks nice! While your pizza is baking in the oven, turn on some romantic music and dance!This is a guy who forgets Valentines day but remembers to scout out a seafood restaurant ahead of time to make sure I don't have to walk by the lobster tank because it makes me cry! If mine were to bring me flowers, I would probably remind him that we could have used that money in a better way. There is nothing about being wined and dined that appeals to me.Now, if he were to start digging the grass out the flower beds so I wouldn't have to......would be something wonderful! I'm the kinda woman who enjoys a versitile man..who will dig the garden for me, then shower with me, and afterwards...Our favorite pizza is pepperoni, bell peppers, spinach and olives with our special pizza sauce! 😉One of the challenges we included was making a heart-shaped pizza.My husband totally won the challenge for tossing the dough high… I’ve always thought that this was a difficult thing to do.

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