Validating windows 7 ultimate

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Windows becomes non-genuine after some hardware changes to prevent you from taking a copy of Windows tied to one computer’s hardware and move it to a new computer.

What if you change the motherboard, CPU, memory, and everything but the hard drive?

Over time, Windows will find out about it, and will block the key.

If you are considering extension of trial period, that method will help you to extend the license up to 120 days. Despite the fact that this method might seem like the easiest one, since it doesn’t require installation of additional programs, that is not the best way.

Before you continue, it’s important to bear in mind what’s allowed and what isn’t.

The most reliable and easy way is, of course, to use one of the activators presented here.We have found only tested programs, which will most probably help you with activation of your system. Any of this programs can make active: And the most important thing is, it will do it for FREE.When you try to activate win 7, some antiviruses perceive the activator as a dangerous program, but there is nothing strange about this. Along with the above mentioned message, you also noticed that the desktop background became black and following error message was shown on the bottom right corner of the screen: This copy of Windows is not genuine.You’re allowed to make certain hardware changes under the Windows license agreement, but even making allowed hardware changes may turn your copy of Windows into a “non-genuine” copy that requires reactivation with Microsoft.

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