Comparison essay on online and traditional dating

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A lot of us love the thrill of the chase and playful interaction but it’s not so fun when it comes to a hefty bar bill and nothing to show for it.

Online dating is a great way to meet single women who you are interested in, however it can take more time for those relationships to really flourish compared to meeting that cute girl on the dance-floor or at the coffee shop.

However, those kinds of apps are quite superficial as Funny or Die mentioned in its tweet: “Tinder: A new way to meet someone who isn’t right for you.”But don’t let that deter you!

It’s all about finding the right platform that fits your desires and needs.

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And while you’re getting out of your house anyway, you may as well go out and meet people, so why not do online dating AND hit up the bar/club/bookstore?

This being said, no amount of confidence behind the screen is going to amount to you being the man when you finally meet her. Plus, online dating is fairly convenient: you can chat with girls via any device you prefer. How many times have we been full of regret the morning after blowing way too much money at the bar on drinks for women only to have them walk away and leave us without even giving their numbers? Comparatively, online dating is much more cost effective.

So besides being more cost effective, allowing confidence to be less of an issue and having a lot of options even if your a a busy dude, online dating still lacks a lot of pros that traditional dating hits right on the head.

One of the great things about hitting the bar or club is that you can get to know women right away in an informal setting, so you can tell right away if there is any chemistry and, if there is, great! Meeting someone out requires you taking that giant leap of faith.

You’re putting yourself out there, and it takes confidence as you’re opening yourself up to possibly getting shot down.

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