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To install the latest version of Ruby, run: If you are using Rails, then you must install This is because Rails's asset pipeline compiler requires a Javascript runtime. If you do not use Rails then you can skip to the next step.However, sudo nukes all environment variables for security reasons, which intereferes with RVM. Congratulations, you have installed Ruby on your production server!Ro R or Ruby on Rails is an open source, cross-platform web development framework that provides a structure to the developers for their code.The bad news is that it’s an older version of Ruby that doesn’t contain the latest updates and security patches added to the language.So we’re going to install our own up-to-date version of Ruby that will work side-by-side with the Apple version (which OS X uses for some of its own tasks)..But the one that we recommend in this tutorial is RVM, because in our opinion it is the easiest option.If you have already installed Ruby, then you can skip to the next page.

Homebrew provides the GPG software in its catalog, so let’s install it now — it’s very easy!

After you’ve installed and run Xcode once, open a new terminal and type in the following:. Think of it like the Mac App Store: you choose software and install it from Homebrew. You won’t find Candy Crush on Homebrew — its catalogue only lists apps for developers and sysadmins. GNU Privacy Guard is an open-source data encryption software that provides privacy and authentication for data communication — basically, it keeps messages safe.

You may need to re-enter your user password and click accept and/or install on a message box. The version of Ruby that we’ll be using will be installed through another app called RVM.

Before you can deploy your app on the production server, you need to install Ruby.

In this tutorial we recommend that you use Ruby Version Manager (RVM) for this purpose.

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