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With Kenya coming third in the internet penetration rates in Africa, it is not hard to explain why online male escort business is becoming a favourite niche for many.Nick*, a former Exotic Kenya male escort, says that the need for companionship is real.According to Exotic Kenya CEO, most of the male escorts receive about 20 calls a week leading to 2-5 conversions.“Male escorts charge a premium because of the effort they put in. One is usually enough depending on the escort’s negotiation power,” he explains. The least a male escort can make in one session is KES 5,000 depending on the services offered.He is now 37 and has been living with the HIV virus for 14 years.He is bisexual and started experimenting with his male primary school friend at the age of 11 but his parents found out and chased him from home; he was then left to fend for himself.

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“I quit because clients complained about my physique.They felt that only a curse could have made me do such a thing." At first, Martin found refuge at his aunt's place in Mombasa.But a few years later he was caught in a similar act with a male neighbor and thrown on to the streets.No matter how hard I worked out, that six-pack kept evading me.With a one-pack, I could only attract women with cheap offers while my athletic friends were busy travelling around the world and enjoying the perks that money bring,” Nick narrates.

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