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These Blockbuster missions were previously leaked by popular Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi. In this room with melted candle wax on the floor, and left over bondage type devises (only a few of which remain), many different apparitions have been seen or felt,and strange noises recorded through EVP's, and lights recorded through video.There they will find a snowy hill which has a patch with a few leaves on it which is where the Battle Star will appear.The latest Fortnite search between challenge is one of the most eye-catching Blockbuster missions that are hitting the season X Battle Pass today.The treasure (circled in red), is located atop a steep hill between all three of these landmarks.At the apex of this hill will be a small dirt patch, which spawns the treasure.Unless you are a professional photographer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be leaving the house armed with a compact camera every day, whereas your smartphone is with you all the time, making it very easy just to whip it out and take a picture.

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This article specifically focuses on the normal treasure hunt challenge, which asks you to search between a basement film camera, a snowy stone head and a flashy gold big rig. The basement film camera is circled in yellow, the snowy stone head is circled in green and the flashy gold big rig is circled in blue. As you can see, this challenge is primarily contained in C6 and D6 on the main map’s grid, taking place southwest of Tilted Town and northwest of Shifty Shafts.In a post online they explained the exact spot Fortnite players will need to head to to complete the challenge.The spot Fortnite players are looking for is right between squares C6 and D6 on the Battle Royale map.The basement film camera (circled in yellow) has existed for quite some time now, being in the game since Season 4 (which focused heavily on film as inspiration).To the west of Shifty Shafts are two houses, the southernmost house has a basement.

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