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In October 2009, Watkins revealed that she had secretly battled a potentially fatal brain tumor for three years.

Bumi is Avatar Aang and Katara's first child and eldest son, as well as the only one to be born a nonbender among the couple's three children; he later developed airbending abilities after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG.

Every time she walks downstairs for breakfast in the morning, her father insists on screaming: "It's alive!

This is also available in the Lisi Harrison books where her father is instead Viktor Stein and does the exact same thing.

She is optimistic, positive, kindhearted and always gets along with others.

She likes her friends and they are the most important things in the world to her.

Before his retirement, he was the commander of the Second Division of the United Forces.

Similar to his sister Kya, Bumi was somewhat distant from his father, who was focused primarily on his Avatar duties, preserving Air Nomad culture, and training Tenzin in airbending.

When Tenzin dryly asked him if it were too late for him to rejoin the United Forces, Bumi happily announced that his resignation papers had already been processed and he promised "24/7 Bumi time" for his younger brother, pinching Tenzin's face in a teasing manner.

When the time came that Tenzin was preparing his departure for the Southern Air Temple, Bumi was allowed to tag along, after their mother had persuaded Tenzin to spend time with his siblings.

As Bumi struggled to climb aboard Oogi, Tenzin helped him up with a small air blast.

Upon arriving at the South Pole, the brothers reunited with their mother and sister Kya, and Bumi teamed up with her to continue teasing Tenzin.

At the royal banquet, Bumi mocked Tenzin over being potentially replaced by Chief Unalaq as Korra's spiritual mentor.

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