Selena gomez dating justin beiber

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December 2010: It All Started With Pancakes They first met in 2009.A year later, when Bieber was 16 and Gomez was 18, the two apparently shared a meal and some laughs -- and maybe took part in some hand-holding? Gomez apparently exclaimed to that "it was just pancakes!" but a week later, they were seen together again by Bieber's tour bus in Miami, where he had a concert.Those who were really paying attention noticed Bieber had his arm placed on Gomez's back.Ever since they announced their engagement, fans have been anything but nice to Hailey and comparing her to Selena 24/7.Last week, Justin snapped and said the comments directed at his wife were 'absurd'. After all of his ranting and telling his fans they aren't fans if they don't support his marriage to Hailey Baldwin, he likes a throwback photo of him and Selena together.December 2015: Justin Gets Nostalgic on Instagram Bieber advised everyone to "calm down" when he posted some cute throwback photos from his dating days with Gomez, including one of the two of them on a red quadbike, and another of the couple holding hands a movie premiere.asked her about Bieber."Honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him," she responded. February 2016: They're on Friendly Terms"We don't talk often, but we're cordial. If I need something, she's there for me," Bieber said of his ex in an interview with .

If you're not familiar with this situation, it's a complicated one.In fact, she even accepted a very special gift from the daytime talk show host: a pillow with her boyfriend's face."He's gonna make me sleep with this every night," she admitted.She reportedly commented, “If you can’t handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol- It should be special between you two only. They love you and supported you before any one ever did.”January 2017: Justin's Not a Weeknd Fan While word was getting out that Gomez had started dating The Weeknd, Bieber didn't have anything nice to say about it.When asked if he listens to the rapper's music, Bieber replied, "Hell no I can’t listen to a Weeknd song.

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