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With its 11th installment of the main series, Final Fantasy jumped into the world of online gaming even as that market existed in a tumultuous state.enjoyed a long and healthy run, racking up a half-million playerbase by 2008 and five full-fledged expansions.So far it’s done extremely well on both the Play Station 3 and 4, with plans to launch on Xbox One later this year.

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But, I always find myself thinking, “this game is good, but it’s not great.” Each title has its own strengths and uniqueness, but falls short in one area or another, creating a void that just hasn't been filled.Square-Enix made the bold decision to double-down on the game instead of abandoning it, taking servers offline in 2012 to retool it as.Its subsequent relaunch in 2013 (which included the Play Station 3 and 4) was the polar opposite of its first release, with gamers praising the title and flocking to it in droves.In the first five weeks alone on the console, the game racked up an astounding 1.6 million players.The console version continues to lag behind the PC edition in its module rollout, but chances are that it continues to be more popular on consoles than computers is quite probable (Cryptic refused to comment directly on this when asked in a recent MOP interview, saying only that the two populations were made up of very different demographics).

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