Coke can dating

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Tom loves soda cans with any kind of sports scene on the can. He also has a good knowledge of both soda and beer cans.

Tom's son Trevor is also a BCCA member and collects cone tops. With a average of 32 years in the hobby we have handled some of the rarest, most exciting cans and made some of the most significant finds.

We know, since the three of us are collectors and have been for many years.

My specialty in pricing cans is Opening Instruction cans, and most flat tops.) has been collecting beer cans since 1974, and is BCCA #29702.

Dave had a incredible cone top collection until 2004 when he sold it.

Another question we can asked quite often is "do you guys check out any other beer can web sites?

" Yes we do, we use other sites as a reference for pricing cans, even shopping for cans for are own personal collections.

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