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The Monteregian hills are volcanic, but their potassium-argon age disagrees by twenty million years with the date when, by all other calculations, Montreal was over the hot spot-an exception that probes the tl1eory.Morgan attributes the inconsistency to “random things you can’t explain” and mentions the possibility of faulty dating.

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The Assistant will take care of transferring internet, energy and water contracts to your new address. Junipers were flourishing in it, as were ponderosa pines and Spanish bayonets.52.3300729, 4.893990799999983 = Amstelparc52.3387038, 4.902698600000008 = De Mirandabad swimming pool52.3403749, 4.91020530000003 = Martin Luther King parc52.34266219999999, 4.9068982000000005 = Mexico Boulevard52.3434197, 4.85412969999993 = Olympic stadion52.34389889999999, 4.907025900000008 = Cotignac restaurant52.3438989, 4.896847500000035 = Child daycare Bloem 152.3441014, 4.904255000000035 = Elementary school de Rivieren52.3441969, 4.900860500000022 = BROERS cafe52.3442647, 4.891551899999968 = Albert Heijn supermarket52.3443455, 4.891406800000027 = Bowling centre Knijn52.3452375, 4.894836599999962 = TAPZUID Cafe52.3457616, 4.891205899999932 = Miffy’s store52.3457787, 4.89314289999993 = The Dongeschool52.34582748009309, 4.896895209786976 = Playground Jekerstraat52.3458503, 4.89522599999998 = Klasen cafe52.34621509999999, 4.8965134000000035 = Kindergarten Robbeburg International Playground52.3464892, 4.891330100000005 = Coffeecompany52.3467811, 4.9111676999999645 = Vrijdag cafe52.34797469999999, 4.90431209999997 = Brazuca Coffee52.3484604, 4.898401000000035 = Boaty boat rental52.3487635, 4.893882899999994 = Okura hotel52.3493048, 4.892896500000006 = Petting Zoo de Pijp52.3516619, 4.891578900000013 = Omelegg52.3526079, 4.891426700000011 = Coffee & Coconuts52.35432040946976, 4.896039962768555 = Sarphatiparc Choose your ideal apartment in Amsterdam South.Freshwater limestones formed in the lakes, self-certified by the fossils of freshwater snails.There were other fossils as well-discovered in dense compilations in confined areas that have been described as concentration camps and fossil graveyards.

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