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Everything changes when a stranger walks into her coffee shop, realizes what she is, and offers to help.

He dreams of travelling the world and going on adventures, but so far has only read about things like that in books.There's just three things he didn't count on to get in his way; a small cat, an idiot of a pond monster and a woman named Victory. Yuri and LGBT elements, mythical beasti A Magician comes to Conan Renaud with an offer he can't refuse--literally.Sent on a quest to dethrone a king, the Magician and Nobleman must learn to work together to break the laws of magic that bind them both.We follow the story of Lysander, an unshakable freeloader whose boring life is set to change the night a strange intruder attacks him in his kitchen; and Simon, the boy next door, who while in trying save his friend's life exposes him to society's most dangero Hank gets attacked by a werewolf. It's kind of Ada's fault, so, Ada takes her under her wing, literally.Read about their perils in this genre-defying, trope-taunting, supernatural, romantic dramedy.

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