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Next, try a hot wire detector - loop of constantan wire used to heat a thermistor using a constant current source - the temperature above ambient should depend on the thermal properties of the gas surrounding it.Unfortunately I was using a 100R resistor to sense the current, and my loop of constantan is only about 1R.We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. NOTE: The way this guide was written will require you to use a relative path to specify the header files you wish to include.

I had an old computer case in the Attic, so we used that - it has a power supply that gives 5V, 12V high current, /-12V and 3.3V, so plenty for what we need.

Open CV breaks up the library into two sections, "legacy libraries" and "new libraries".

Note: does not include every library in Open CV2.2.

It may be helpful for you to view the "opencv.hpp" library (located by default in: C:\Open CV2.2\include\opencv2\opencv.hpp) to see what is included and how you can reference the new libraries in your code.

To see the complete list of libraries available, go to "C:\Open CV2.2\include\" and browse around the directory.

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