Dating hockey player rule

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Elsa Frost is at the bottom of the social ladder with her friends Kristoff, Eric and Flynn. I know that I haven't been a good friend to last few years with me being the head cheerleader and the hockey player being who she is.She's practically invisible to the rest of the school including her crush head cheerleader Anna Anderson who's dating Hans. I abandoned her and left her to fend for herself because of the status quo.I sit on the bed and reach to gently touch the bruise causing the hockey player to hiss in pain before recoiling my hand."I'm sorry, Elsa.I didn't mean to hurt you" I said guilty."You didn't hurt me. I wanted to say something but the words won't come out.I'm just really sore since I just finished practice an hour ago" Elsa said massaging her shoulder."How get you that bruise? I stand up to leave before I make a bigger fool out of myself but I'm stopped by something grabbing my wrist." I asked frowning."No comment" Elsa replied."Elsa""My name's Benedict and I ain't in" Elsa said shaking her head."Elsa, tell me" I pleaded."What do you want from me? I looked to see the hockey player's hand around my wrist and I stared at me with a confused look."Anna, I'm sorry.

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I set my book down on my nightstand before slipping my shoes on and heading out to the door.

I walked towards Elsa's dorm and I know that she'll be either alone in her room or with the guys so it's a good chance that no one overhearing this conversation.

Normally Skyline has every student room with one roommate but the only reason that the hockey player has the dorm all to herself is because most of the girls find reasons not to room with her.

I'm sure that she knows what she's doing and you're going have to trust her judgment" Tiana said taking the book from me."I don't know, Tiana.

I just want to protect her because I know that I haven't been the friend that I should have been" I said looking down in ashamed."So you're reading these books because you're feeling guilty about how you've been treating Elsa?

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