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(Susan so much so that she decided to conduct her own, in a total rip off way. More on this in an upcoming minicast) you are enamored with the era, there is a blog and messageboard for that! Lol’d repeatedly at The Gallery of Regrettable Food: The link to the Striving Wife (the one that Susan could not remember) is here.

Written by, and for, women who think the 50’s Housewife ideal is spot on.

From baking in the kitchen to red carpets and traveling the world, you will see, I do it all!

Wife to actor, Ian Ziering and mom to the Ziering Girls, you can find me over on social media sharing all about our daily lives.

That’s right, what better way to embrace our modern womanhood, than to take a serious look at a stereotypical, unobtainable-to mere-mortals, obedient, white, heterosexual wife? Fire up the keyboard and get those letters of protest going! Big time.research of the women had to be undertaken.Of course, if I’m working, my daily housework schedule looks nothing like this, and I just do whatever I can with the time I’ve got left!This routine is not my daily housework schedule on the days I’m at work.This is just one post of many on a blog devoted to the life of a Christian wife.The posts are written with respect and a very deep faith.

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