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Sitting down at the end of the couch, Brock removed his mothers black heels and then began to slowly caress her feet. Especially since he knew that he might have a chance to look up her skirt. She had given birth to him at a young age and now at 37 she was recognized by most of Brock’s friends as the most attractive mother of all of them.."Well that sounds like a good idea to me Mom," he mused. You certainly have the body for it and you know they make good money." Brock told her.. As he massaged her feet and stared at her nice legs, Angie had a mental image of 2-weeks earlier when she’d come home early in the day and unknown to Brock, watched him fuck his girlfriend.

It felt so good having her tired feet rubbed that she quickly let out a low moan. She’d eased down the hall on the plush carpeted floor and had observed him shoving what appeared to be 8-thick inches of hard cock into the young girl from behind.

Another unsuccessful day of job hunting was behind her.. Her divorce settlement had left her more then enough money for her and her 19-year old son, Brock to live on, but she longed to be back in some type of work environment..

Angie waited and then heard the CD player begin to pump out a song. Brock’s eyes widened, as he looked his Mom up and down. He loved the smell of the leather outfit mixed with her perfume.."Ok sonny boy.

Not too much but not too little was something she’d learned years ago.

She finished with a bit of makeup and painted her lips with red lipstick..

BESIDES THIS BLOG, I now have a web-site ( that I'd like you to visit...25-years in Tae Kwon Do-during which I meet Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee.spent 2-years on the USS Shangri-La (CVA-38) as an aviation ordnanceman.before I got off the ship I had to train a clumsy young man named Eugene Rotenberry..understand that years later he started writing si-fi.a gun show I once played with Conan's sword.another gun show I held Buffalo Bill Cody's nickle plated-ivory gripped-1860 Colts pistol with a Thornson conversion--at another gun show I was allowed to wear the cowboy hat that John Wayne wore in ' Sons of Katty Elder'--met Patrick Wayne @ a gun show and he let me hold his father's SAA Colts .45....

Angie Randall closed the door behind her, sat her purse on the coffee table and lay exhaustedly back on the couch.

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