Immigrant dating

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A sample of ethnically diverse young adults (N = 628; Asian, Latino, and European background) reported on self and parent attitudes toward dating outside of one’s own culture, own current dating status…Sarah is someone who I have met only once IRL but for whom I have an immense amount of respect and gratitude for.

We did everything “the right way.” They completed all the paperwork. Eight years after we were married, they applied a third time, and my mother-in-law was granted a visa, while my father-in-law was denied once again.If you’d like to read more of my husband’s and my story, you can do so here.Sarah Quezada is a writer and nonprofit professional living in a bicultural household in Atlanta with her husband and two kids.Guadalupe crossed the border illegally with her parents at the age of 14 and in 2009 she was arrested while working to support her family with a fake Social Security number.Her deportation has sparked protests, outrage and questions across the country.

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