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'So the stardate on Earth would be one thing, but the stardate on Alpha Centauri would be different,' Peeples says.'We thought this was hilarious, because everyone would say, "How come this date is before that date when this show is after that show?( In an alternate timeline that diverged from the prime timeline in 2344, the term combat date had replaced the term stardate in the dating system used by Starfleet by 2366.The term was used during the Federation-Klingon War of that timeline.

While the daily rate of increase wasn't always adhered to within episodes, the initial four digits weren't selected quite as randomly as described here." The answer was because you were in a different sector of the universe.' [4] The following instructions to writers were copied from the series bible Star Trek Guide; they are quoted at Star Trek Fact Check.[5] The original date of composition and the author are unclear, but the sample stardates are consistent with the range from the second pilot.( In addition, Star Trek Fact Check shows a scripted narration from the same draft containing "star date 1312.6".This became "star date 1312.4" by the final revised draft (July 8, 1965), which also asks for "C-1277.1 to 1313.7" to appear on Kirk's gravestone. (Page 65, Scene 175) – We presume dates are in days, Kirk would only be 36 days old. For Kirk’s birth date in Julian system figure would be in millions. On the other hand, the letter "C" and the rate of increase in the script suggest that 1277.1 was intended to be the date Kirk was promoted to captain and/or assumed command of the Enterprise, not his date of birth.

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