Dating dictionary for women

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You don’t have body language or tone to convey your meaning, so you have to make sure your words send the right message, literally, and make a good impression. This online collection of definitions, synonyms, and word origins is a treasure trove for online daters wondering what to say — or how to spell what they want to say.

I call myself “an unabashed bibliophile” in my dating profile because it’s an easy literary litmus test to give date prospects.

The site has an Everything After Z section where an eloquent team breaks down the hottest trends in the world of language.

If you come across a word, phrase, an acronym, or emoji you don’t know while online dating, you can run it by to bring some clarity to the situation.

Whether you want to increase the reading level of your dating profile or make sure your messages can pass a spellcheck, is a helpful tool for online daters looking for the words to win someone’s trust and affection.

This website is there for those times when you blank on a word or want to be sure you understand what you’re saying.

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