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Thank God Apple users just amount 3% -or something like that- in the computer industry (forget about the ipod)...

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I can't wait for Apple to update its page and to actually kick the tires of the program. FCP's current attempt at an 'open timeline' is nothing to write home about and the "auto correct" button in Apple Color is laughably bad) and I also hope all the helpful auto-features can be toggled on/off.

Edit: replaced reference to EULA with i Tunes Music Store Terms Of Service. I believe nobody is abusing the system; instead, it's the system -unlimited, 2GB, 4Gb, whatever- that is unable to cope with the different needs.

As AT&T can monitor the usage of the databand, just give us a plan where we pay based in usage, for example for each block of 1GB, and be done with it!

I wonder if Dell rated highly because of that battery thing :confused: Bash AT&T and flame me all you want, but I had 2 nightmare years with Verizon before I purchased my i Phone three years ago. When I went to the Verizon store, they told me that there shouldn't be a problem since I live in the middle of a "very strong" signal area. For me, AT&T works great..I can't wait to upgrade my original i Phone and get rid of that annoying AT&T Edge buzz in my computer speakers and interference on my TV screen. That being said I might as well give a better answer to Night than batteries.

I couldn't get a signal in my home 90% of the time with Verizon. :eek: Even if I had a call going, it would drop as soon as I walked downstairs. He also said that he can't use his phone at the same store: No signal! No carrier has as good of coverage as they claim in their ads. Bottom Line: I AGREE that Apple should open the i Phone up to other carriers. That is we can store the heat energy from the sun to make it threw the night and already do it.

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