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Now that you know what Bali girls are like, you’re intrigued and wouldn’t mind a little ‘sweet and crazy’ in your life, so how do you find them?One thing that’s crucial to understand is that Balinese women LOVE shopping; they’ll go to the malls all the time, whether actually buying something or just window shopping.On a side note, although distrust for tourists exists and comes from bad past experiences or stories, it doesn’t stop the local Bali girls from being drawn to lighter skin from foreign lands.As in most places around the world, Whats App is massively popular and should be sufficient to grab some digits.Paying an extra - per night for a place with a swimming pool is a good investment, and also, something that can be used as bait or reason to come back to the crib in the future.It’s rare to pull Bali girls back right away from day gaming, but arranging to meet for drinks later shouldn’t be too difficult.

Some will be straightforward and approach foreigners first – expect to be buying the drinks as always.

It’s weird and doesn’t always make sense, but you’ll know they’re not hookers when you end up closing the deal anyway with solid game and not having them mention money again.

With entrance fees and drinks at such venues one can expect to spend at least - in a night; for the locals that can be the equivalent of a week’s salary, so the Bali girls try to recoup some of their costs even though they still go out wanting to genuinely meet foreigners.

Here’s what you should know: First of all, Bali girls are shorter than those in the West.

Although shapes vary, it’s not surprising to see disproportionately large breasts and butts on someone their size.

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