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He had gotten food poisoning, so I was going in between our room and the doctors room. So you're not supposed to leave your room, but I had to go get the doctor and we were constantly back and forth between the rooms.

So as I'm walking back into my room, Christy opens her door, walks to the window -- and we're on the twenty-third story of a building and they've got the push out windows -- and she had hung her sports bra over a little, tiny hook.

Now, I think we were in Fortaleza, Brazil, and it was windy outside, and she looks down at it, and then looks at me and says "I can't believe you did that." I go "What?

" and she goes "You just threw my sports bra out the window." I kind of looked at her in disbelief, like "Are you serious?

(pauses) Honestly I never stopped doubting that maybe Ken and Tina had somehow beat us...

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Reality TV World: You both seemed to be in control for much of the race, I think you won six of the race's 11 legs... Starr: I would probably say [the second leg] when we got lost for two hours.

As soon as we checked in at a Pit Stop for the entire season we would write "Leg 1 notes" and we would write down who the greeter was, what the Roadblock and the Detour was, any kind of tools that we used in each of the tasks.

Then, on that last flight -- if you remember looking at the map last night, it was a long flight from Frankfurt to Portland.

Do you really think I did that," and [then] I say "No I didn't," and she goes "I know you did!

" (Nick laughs in background) This was after the second leg, we had barely talked to them, and I had [been through] a rough leg of getting lost and Nick was sick.

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