Dating an ex heroin addict recovery

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But how do you know if that’s the person you are considering dating, or if you are potentially entering into a heartbreaking situation fraught with drama and relapse?The fact is that you can’t know the answer to that question in advance.Choosing to get involved with someone who has an addiction history is a big decision.You don’t want to waste either person’s time if you have reservations or if it’s clear that the person isn’t stable enough to give you the kind of relationship that you are looking for.The better you understand how chronic drug use changes the brain, how triggers work, and how addiction is most effectively treated, the more capable you will be of identifying whether or not you and someone in recovery are a good fit. Some months, it may seem like there is little focus at all on your partner’s addiction history or urges to drink or get high. Similarly, certain situations will not be acceptable to someone in recovery.Attending parties at clubs or even toasting a celebration may not be an option for your potential partner, which means that in order to be supportive, you may need to bow out early or bow out completely as well. Addiction can be the impetus for people doing some pretty horrible things – things that they likely would not have done otherwise.In order to be in a relationship with anyone, you will always be more successful if you know yourself well, respect yourself, and are willing to prioritize your health and emotional wellness about all else.This is especially important when you are considering taking on a relationship with a former addict or alcoholic.

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Someone who has overcome a substance abuse problem and established himself in recovery would have done some serious work on himself and could be a great partner.

Ultimately, whether or not a relationship with a former addict is a good risk for you will depend upon you, your hopes for the future, and the stability of the specific person you have in mind.

Here are five questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you and your potential partner are prepared to take on a relationship in recovery.

There is a tendency for people in recovery to create codependent relationships, which can be damaging for both people.

This can manifest in neither one feeling comfortable doing anything without the other, both people giving up friendships and goals if the other doesn’t approve or can’t be involved, and both going down a tough road if one begins making dangerous choices.

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