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As far as the impact this has on an workplace where these obsolete chemicals are still in use and no (M)SDS was ever obtained, we have been hard-pressed to find an actual OSHA interpretation.While many companies go bankrupt, their assets and product lines are usually acquired by other manufacturers. If you know or can determine the web site of the company, enter that in the Wayback Machine and you may be to browse your way, for example, to the MSDS's that Solutia had in 2004 (they were bought by Eastman Chemical in 2012).If all else fails, see if you can find an SDS for an identical formulation from another manufacturer (see "Do I have to keep every SDS that I receive?Avoid falling into that category by establishing a formal inventory/review procedure for hazardous materials in your workplace.In laboratories, this would be incorporated into the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

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