Dating matchless amplifiers

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They felt if ever they were going to make this company a success, it was at that moment: the 1991 NAMM Show.Mark’s background in buying, repairing, and selling vintage gear gave him the insight as to what typically works in the design and function of a guitar amp – and what doesn’t.Oleg Tomashevsky – I’ll try to be objective, as objective as I can get. No musician on earth can be 100% objective – we have our likes and dislikes and can’t totally abstragate from them, especially as our sensitivity to different frequencies, transients etc. This said, I have to disclose my personal taste upfront.I play single-coil (Van Zandts, Fralins and Duncan P90s) equipped Fender Strats and Don Grosh guitars.

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Scott – The Bugle Boys were easily the most detailed and musical of the group and exhibited great chime and complexity with an extended frequency range.

These were definitely my personal favorites, but Scott told us he paid each per tube for these very well matched tubes.

Later, I scouted tube dealers on the Internet and found one comment that Amperex were the best EL84s made.

Mark Sampson and his friend, Rick Perrotta, formed Matchless Amplifiers in Mark’s kitchen back in 1989.

Two years later they pulled all of their resources to exhibit at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.

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