Student activists ending dating abuse updating a sofa

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Each contracted agency/municipality is required to show performance measures which provide data to display the quantitative and qualitative impact agencies are making in the lives of youth.

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But then Alma turns to everyone and says one last time, “Point to the ceiling. Now point to the front of the room.” Everyone does the first two mechanically, but then when pointing to the front of the room, everyone and stares.

Through these meetings I realized that I had a lot to say. One idea that I had could be the focus of an entire monthly meeting.

I never knew that something like this was even possible and it was staggering.

” Everyone pauses for a second and then immediately springs into action.

Hands begin waving with various hand motions, mouths begin to sound out dates and letters, and finally with a swirl of frenzy everyone is in line. Now point to the front of the line.” With confused faces, everyone does so, finally pointing to the left side as the front.

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