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A bazooka that fires beanbags, as used by Lou in Lisa the Tree Hugger. In the episode "Home Away from Homer", Lisa listens to a radio program on obscure music, and hears the host refer to a guest as a banjoologist, using "-ology" as the suffix for the study of a subject (or sometimes the subject itself, although this is technically incorrect).An invented French word that means "being like Bart" (i.e., mischievous).

It is a play on "brother-in-law", and the fact that Homer is fat.

The fictitious translation of Santa Claus's supposed name in Japanese. Nick Riviera in "King-Size Homer." Homer Simpson tries to gain weight to get on workers' compensation.

In Japan he is supposedly thought to live on the Moon. The process of using Photoshop to add rosy "apple" to someone's cheeks and make them more attractive. Burns face to make him appear more benevolent on the cover of a newspaper. While prescribing a diet consisting of a steady gorging process for Homer, Dr.

Smithers's plan is to rush in and rescue Burns from what will certainly be an awkward phone conversation. Burns' seemingly antiquated alternative expressions referring to an existing term (similar to "iced cream", the original name for ice cream).

In episode 12 of Season 16, Burns tells Selma, who is in the process of lowering the soft top on his roadster, "Stop that you want-wit! " A sandwich with a baby in the middle, first seen in "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson." Chief Wiggum shows a group of touring kids a museum display of a hippie couple who are getting stoned and ready to take a bite of the "California Cheeseburger." A word made up by Mr.

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