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Do you ever feel extremely awkward walking down the hall and seeing a couple kissing? In high school many students are in relationships; some relationships may be taken too seriously, others too lightly.With Valentine’s Day just a few days away people may be finding themselves with a new crush or maybe even a whole new relationship.Make sure you balance your time between friends and your partner. The boy does not have to pay every time; we are all high school students so we don’t have to follow the traditional rules of dating. This keeps the relationship relaxed and puts less pressure on one another to know you don’t have to hang out alone. Think of activities other than just hanging out at home so you don’t get bored with each other. And also try not to have any relationship drama online, it gets very old. All your friends or family really don’t want to hear about every second you spent with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Puppy love and childhood crushes turn to teenage dating activities for at least half of all high school students.Relationships between people in high school of different ages are very common.

Part of this is due to the various states having different requirements and exit exams.

By mid-teens, up to two-thirds of high school students report they have dated or are in a romantic relationship.

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school can have significant effects on a teenager's social development and personal identity.

but depending on how close and passionate you are with you're potential significant other can alter that.

i also saw that if your best friend in high school is of the opposite sex and you get married to them that the chance of staying together goes up to about 38% and if you have a christian based religion, it goes to 42% and of them (with Christian based marriages) only 3% are divorced.

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