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”“Religion doesn’t play any part in my life in terms of how I live my life.

But I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a day in my life without hearing someone say the word ‘Jew’ or saying it myself.

When you’re not concerned with succeeding, you can work with complete freedom.

31- Larry: I was planning on my future as a homeless person.

And I'd think, that'll be good, that'll be a good spot for me when I'm homeless.

” ― “Larry: i don’t really get this fascination that people have with the ocean Cheryl: no? i mean i stare at it for ten minutes and i go okay i get it Cheryl: don’t you feel calmer?

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Like at night, you tiptoe, that's an unwritten rule, you tiptoe, so you don't wake people up, there's no sign 'TIPTOE', you just have to be smart enough and considerate enough to do it.” ― “The temperature in that hangar would sometimes get down to 40 degrees, and very often I had to put on long underwear, which was so restrictive I suffered from an acute vascular disorder for days afterward.” ― “Shouldn't be having a birthday party two weeks after your birthday ...1- Larry: “When I’m in social situations, I always hold onto my glass.It makes me feel comfortable and secure and I don’t have to shake hands.” 2- Larry: It seems silly to me to put a napkin on an old pair of pants.You’re so desperate for a party that you have to have a party two weeks after? .header__3OBc H.wrapper__36h [email protected] (min-width:71rem) Nav__1Sh [email protected] (min-width:500px)@media (min-width:71rem)Nav__1Sh Ab.visible__2m RGs.section__1Mi Zw.section Section__2j Nz Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.section Links Section__2Pxj Q.other Links Section__3Q5VU.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.

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