Ambers junction

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I ended up having to use a cream colored thread on the back as, try as might, I couldn’t get the darker backing thread to not show up a bit on the front.

It’s a common problem when working with a quilt that has such a light front.

Born in 1989, she initially thought she was destined to play the piano, having accomplished six years at a conservatory in her home town of Pardubice.

“When I had to quit piano, I was so upset about it…I also believe that if you do more diverse things it makes you more open minded and creative so you’re not scared of trying new things.” Best Czech bands? I’m so happy to have it done before the deadline and even more happy that I like the end result too. I love the simplicity of the design and think the straight line quilting was just what it needed.The back is an “off” colored taupe and it was hard to find any other fabrics that looked good with it.I was super happy that there was enough backing fabric to bind it.

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