Why no dating 1st year sobriety speed dating in austin texas

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The general fear is that a bad fight or messy break-up can drive you right back to the bottle.However, after a year or longer, you will likely be more stable and committed to your sobriety.

If they truly care about you, this person will understand why you need to wait to start dating. can work, but it takes time to get to a point where you are truly ready to start dating again.

Be patient, work on yourself, and grow confident in your sobriety before you seriously seek it out.

Whether it takes six months, a year, or even longer, just be sure to give yourself all the time you need before starting a new relationship.

recommend that you wait at least a year after getting sober before you start dating or enter a new relationship. , which is commonly regarded as the ultimate authority on AA matters.

But is this a requirement to participate in AA or NA support groups? You do not have to “follow” the rule in order to attend AA meetings or participate in the organization.

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