Android validating a url

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This provides functions similar to those available to a developer through the Play Console, such as: Those tasks are performed using the edits functionality, which takes a transactional approach to making changes — you bundle several changes into a single draft edit, then commit the changes all at once.(None of the changes take effect until the edit is committed.) Note: Not all developers will need to use this API.All the functionality provided by the API is also available through the Google Play Console.However, this API lets you integrate your app and listing update process with your existing tools, which will be very useful for some developers.This should provide enough access for publishing activities and normal subscription-validation needs.If you need to request a higher limit for your application, use the "Request more" link on the Quotas pane of the Google Developers Console.Once your update is ready to go, you can deploy it with a single operation.The changes you can make include: Once all the desired changes have been staged, they are all committed with a single operation.

You can use this API to integrate your publishing operations with your release-management process.

You can also use the API to learn about cancelled orders and confirm whether in-app products have been consumed, including whether they were consumed before being cancelled.

Note: The Subscriptions and In-App Purchases API does not use the new, transactional "edits" functionality used by the Publishing API.

Methods for the Inappproducts, Purchases.products, and Purchases.subscriptions resources take effect immediately.

Each resource's API reference page notes specifically whether the methods for that resource use the "edits" model.

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