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But there is one thing that no one (not even atheists) can deny about the bible, and that is the fact that all of the prophecies foretold in the New Testimate are finally coming into existence right here in America's back door...... I will go into more detail of the beginning of this "end" that has been bestowed upon us weak little humans with a post entitled "America: Love Never Lived Here".

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If there will be a remake of that movie I will apply for this character immediately! Right after Aaliyah’s death, Jay-z came out with a remix of Aaliyah’s song, “I Miss You”.I say Aaliyah paved the way for Beyonce because before Aaliyah passed away in the plane crash, she was modeling, singing, dancing, and acting: quadruple threat! Well lets take a look at the “Dreamgirls” dvd cover: COME ON BEYONCE, THE WORST ANIMAL ON THE PLANET IS A COPYCAT.She was set to play Jada Pinkett Smith’s role in The Matrix. Here’s a look at the “Sparkle” dvd cover: “Sister” (the character Aaliyah would have been playing) is the tallest one on the far left hand side. Do you need more proof that Beyonce is literally taking Aaliyah’s dreams away from her??So they found someone else that would follow the program, Beyonce. But first, they would have to get rid of the competition, Aaliyah.

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